At Cococlean, our story begins with a health-conscious mother, an Australian Dentist, and a passion for redefining oral care. Fueled by a concern for the harmful additives lurking in many toothpaste products, our founder embarked on a mission to create something extraordinary—natural coconut toothpaste that's not only effective but gentle enough for the whole family to embrace.

Our journey is a testament to family values, with a health-conscious mother of three energetic boys at the helm. We understand the importance of a smile that radiates health and confidence, which is why we've crafted Cococlean to be safe and appealing for all generations. Children, in particular, adore the delicious flavor that makes brushing a delightful experience.

Our commitment extends beyond toothpaste. Cococlean embodies the values of Quality, Community, and a deep respect for the Environment. These principles guide every aspect of our brand, from product formulation to our broader impact on the world.

Cococlean stands out in a crowded market for several compelling reasons:

  • We say no to Sulphates, Mineral oil, and Animal products, ensuring that your oral care is free from harmful additives.
  • Our toothpaste proudly carries the authentic green and gold "Made in Australia" logo. Even our tubes are manufactured right here in Australia.
  • We've taken an eco-friendly stance by eliminating unnecessary packaging, reducing waste, and leaving a smaller environmental footprint.
  • We're not just about brighter smiles; we're about brighter futures. With 5% of all profits dedicated to supporting victims of domestic violence, we strive to make a positive impact on our society.
  • Unlike many natural toothpaste alternatives, Cococlean avoids harsh abrasives like salt, baking soda, or charcoal, which can lead to long-term tooth sensitivity.
  • We believe in the judicious use of fluoride, much like any medication. That's why we've chosen to omit it from our formulation, particularly recognizing the risks young children face when they swallow toothpaste, especially in areas with fluoridated water supplies.

At Cococlean, we're more than a toothpaste brand; we're a movement driven by a passion for healthier smiles and a healthier world. Join us in reimagining oral care, one brush at a time.