clean or not to Clean?? clean or not to Clean??

Tongue cleaning is an Ancient Ayurvedic  practice that has made it's way to the West in recent years. Just like every other part of the mouth the tongue gathers large amounts of bacteria. These bacteria can play an integral part in causing disease elsewhere in the body.  Brushing is not effective in  removing this accumulation and keeping the tongue fresh. The bacteria get caught up in the bristles and are moved around on the surface of the tongue.  

There are a variety of tongue scrapers around but we prefer those made of copper, just like they were in ancient times.  Copper is also thought to have some antibacterial properties. 

The procedure is simple.  Grab hold of the circular handles, one with each hand, place the centre edge at the back of the tongue and move the scraper forward to remove any debris and particles.  Rinse between uses. You can tongue scrape whenever you brush to keep your breath clean and fresh!



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