Flossing, necessary or waste of time??

Flossing, necessary or waste of time??

Most of us routinely brush our teeth twice a day, it's one of our oldest habits.  But, for some reason, most of us are pretty random when it comes to using dental floss. 

Flossing helps keep our gums healthy and our gums are the foundations for our teeth.  The correct way to floss is to get down deep right into the gap between those pink gummy triangles (papilla) and the teeth.  In some people, digging this deep might cause bleeding but don't worry if that happens.  The bleeding is a sign that the gums are harbouring plaque bacteria that cause inflammation, it doesn't mean you have cut or hurt yourself.  

The bacteria found in diseased gums have been linked to other conditions in the body such as heart disease, Alzheimers  Disease and even lung cancer!!

Give flossing a go...our bamboo floss is a great chemical free alternative, because hey,  the last thing you want to do is introduce plastic and other toxins into your body through your gums. Many supermarket brands of floss are coated in plastic and other nasties.  Go Cococlean Bamboo floss for the win!!

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